What are you worried about?

Yesterday I was in Seal Beach, having arrived a bit early to my therapy appointment, and I was sitting in the truck, thinking about what I needed to talk about.  I did come up with a few things, plus an interesting thought that came to mind; I feel better.  I started seeing a therapist again after my mother died because I needed to talk, and I wanted to feel lighter inside.  Waiting for my appointment yesterday, I realized that I do feel lighter inside; there are several reasons for this, but the main reason is that I’m concentrating on not worrying incessantly – I have discovered through these few weeks that I worry about everything, and boy, do I mean everything. Job, husband,  friends, dog, money, health, house, earthquakes, sinkholes, floods, plagues, black holes, etc.  It’s really something that I have time to do anything, with all of the time I spend worrying.

Along with giving up my all-day worry beads, I am also working on being more optimistic – here’s one of my favorite quotes by Nicolas Murray Butler:

“Optimism is essential to achievement, and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress.”

Achievement, courage, and progress; all nearly impossible without optimism.  Here’s another good quote by Henry Ford:

“If you think you can, or you can’t, you’re usually right.”

(Speaking of achievement, I’m home today waiting for the Direct TV guy, and I just got a glimpse of Drew Carey on “The Price is Right.”  Have you seen him recently? He looks remarkable!  These photos don’t do him justice; check out the show and see what a little optimism can do.  Stunning; good for you, Drew.)

It’s been a nice couple of days; the heat wave is due to break soon, and there are unbelievable twilight skies in southern California, with thick grey clouds, shot through with pink rays of simmering sunlight (see? I’m a true sunny-side up girl again!).  Onward —


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