In honor of We Are Women – April 28th, 2012

Since I wasn’t able to make it to the We Are Women march (some virus-y thing has me in its clutches), please to peruse, and thank you to the wonderful women (and the fantastic men) who made it out to the marches happening all over the country. Proud to be a woman today…


Marching forward for common sense

Next weekend, I will be driving to Sacramento to participate in the We Are Women march from the state capitol to Fremont Park.  You can find the details at; marches are planned to take place throughout the United States, and in California, there will be events in San Diego and Los Angeles, as well as Sacramento.

When I think of how women fought for the right to vote a hundred years ago, and that now we are having to go out and fight for equality AGAIN, to let these politicians know that they are going down the wrong road, and that if they think that we are going to sit still for idiotic legislation that downgrades women without doing anything about it, they need to pay close attention, and watch what happens on the 28th – the GOP is acting as if it’s 1910, so ladies and gentlemen, let me remind you, if you’ve forgotten….women have the vote, and we intend on using  it. As Lori, my partner in protest says, “You can’t shut us up!”  Stay tuned for news from the front –  and if you can’t make it next weekend, there is a march on Washington D.C. planned for September:

Dealey Plaza and the grassy knoll (and the beat goes on)

I’m watching a documentary on the Kennedy assassination, “JFK: Inside the Target Car”  – John Connelly’s wife is recounting the moments before the shooting occurred, and it is amazing to me to look at this woman and realize that she was in the car when it happened.  I have seen this footage dozens of times, and it is always horrible and devastating.  One interesting point that was brought up in this documentary was that even though the limo was a crime scene, someone was cleaning it up , and removing evidence, when it was sitting at the hospital.  Ultimately, what I don’t understand about the the Kennedy assassination is that there were so many suspicious events that occurred, and yet people still believe that Oswald acted alone.

I will admit that I am a huge conspiracy theorist; I believe everyone is in cahoots with everyone else, and that the government basically doesn’t give a rip about me. Perfect example – according to the GOP, in 2012, my uterus and I are annoyances that not only don’t need to be heard from, but need to go away altogether, since they, especially the men, know what’s best for both of us; me…and my uterus (Everybody sing!). I digress- moving on….(but you will be hearing more from me on this issue, especially if the Republicans continue their Dark Ages assault on women’s health issues. It’s on, boys, trust me.)

This perception is likely to color most things that I read, and I’m aware of that, so I really make an effort to remain objective.  I once served as a juror on a murder trial, and even though it was sixteen years ago, I remember every detail of the trial and our deliberation (the verdict was guilty, and sixteen years later, I know that it was the right one).  I bring this up because that experience helped me to consider every minute detail of an event, since my opinion was going to change someone’s life.

What I’m dancing around here is that we need to make sure that we don’t accept things at face value, and we don’t automatically assume that the government has our best interests in mind when they enact legislation, or when they tell us what they’re doing, and why.  Read, listen, ask questions, and ask more questions if you think you’re being dismissed, or lied to. I’m as guilty as most when it comes to being uninvolved – it’s time for me to do more than write a few lines, or sign a petition.  In the words of my great good friend Lori, “I have dusted off my combat boots,”  and I know I have to do the same.  Here’s a quote that I love, and that I will leave with you:

You measure a democracy by the freedom it gives its dissidents, not the freedom it gives its assimilated conformists.
-Abbie Hoffman