Good intentions 2013

Just some things I was thinking of doing in 2013:


1.  Read one book a month (except in the case of Les Miserables by Hugo, which may take two; it’s on my list, and in my stack)


2.  Jazzercise (shopping for this outfit, by the way)


3.  Yoga


3.  Regular meditation


4.  Crockpot Sunday!

5.  And this:

Philippians 4.8


And one more quote to end 2012 for me: “Be excellent to each another.”  Party on…and happy New Year to us all.

It’s 2012 – what are you gonna do about it?

Last week I started a list of intentions for the upcoming year, but got bored with it. It’s eleven years past 2001, and we aren’t traveling to other galaxies, or colonizing other planets; the future is here, and it’s less like “2001: A Space Odyssey” and more like “Blade Runner.” I would love if my list included a trip to Neptune, but not this year, unfortunately.

Now that 2012 is six days old, and trying to get up and walk, I thought I would give it another try – this is a fast list, because you have things to do, don’t you?

1.  Write things that people want to read; the rest may not be in any order, but this is number one. I know this because when I’m doing it, nothing else matters…and when it happens, the bunny slippers do a jig of glee:

2.  Go up the coast as far as I can – San Francisco, Santa Cruz, then into Oregon, and maybe Washington, who knows? It’s way past time for some adventures, and time to pack some bags and go see something new.

3.  Take a cooking class – Italian? Sauces? I know some wonderful cooks, and I don’t pretend to become one of them, but I would like to do it a little better (and re-doing the kitchen will fold right into this – see what I did there? Got the vocabulary, now I just need to do the actual cooking).

4.  Knit – and a little yarn bombing, so many perfect spots for this around Long Beach, and this year could be the year…here’s some ideas (and the caption for the last one? “Tank blankie”!) –

5.  Watch movies – does this surprise anyone who has been reading here?

6.  Read books (and work on my ADD, so I can finish…oh, wait, is it my turn on Words With Friends?)

7.  Kickboxing – going to a gym where the instructor yells at us; it’s not pretty, and that’s as it should be.

8. Listen – to music, other people, and the universe (yeah, I said it; what, Mr. Judgmental?)

Have a pleasant 2012 – thank you for shopping around at “Julie Wrote What?,” even if you were only looking for a photo of the tattoo that George Clooney had in “From Dusk ‘Til Dawn.” Hope you stick around after completely grokking George’s tattoo to do a little reading (it makes my tattered and torn heart sing to think that you might). I will refer back to this post as the year gets on its feet and totters around, and you can check on me to see if this was worth the time it took to write it, or if I’m just a list-maker, and not a doer. “Let us go, then…”

I shot my cell phone (but I did not shoot my old PC)

I’m at the end of my four-day Christmas break, watching “The Witches of Eastwick” (Susan Sarandon, Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Jack Nicholson – let’s see, Michelle Pfeiffer and Jack Nicholson both played villains in different “Batman” movies; the family had a couple of “Batman” discussions over the break, including how many stars have played Batman, who were the bad guys in each one, etc. Guess my brain hasn’t moved on, plus I love playing “what other movies have these stars been in together?”).

Spent Christmas eve and Christmas day at the family’s house – the whole family holiday get-together has changed over the last couple of years, and maybe you have noticed it at your house, too – while talking and watching television, and eating, we are also checking email, playing games, checking Facebook, texting, and looking up stuff.  (I’m mostly knitting and chasing the dog, but I’ve also been known to take a peek at my email, and lots of peeks at Facebook – in addition to being ADD, I also have a touch of ocd; just a touch, so it’s in small letters).  Everyone has a cell phone, and there are also iPads and laptops lying around, in case someone gets an uncontrollable Angry Birds urge.  (My husband was startled one afternoon, when, out of nowhere, he heard me yell, “Die, pig, die!”  while sitting on the couch with the iPad in my hand.  It’s not a relaxing game, but it is irresistible).

When in my lap, my dog will actually push my hands away from the keyboard so he can be petted – he believes he is the alpha laptop, and isn’t pleased about sharing real estate with my Mac.  I wonder if any studies have been done on animals who live with families who have no computers or cell phones, as compared to those who live with families who have multiple devices, and if there are differences in health, mental state, and behavior. Might make for an interesting experiment, if the variables were controlled (sorry, my psych minor is showing, or should I say, my almost-finished minor – I balked at statistics, so there you go).

I think one of my New Year’s intentions will be to have more conversations, and limit the technology in my life – the phone is silenced more than before, and now I have to work on curbing Angry Birds and Facebook (not eliminating either, I love Angry Birds, and Facebook has brought some wonderful people back into my life.) We’ll see; maybe you can text me and let me know what you think…ha!

(P.S.  I don’t know if this is obvious, but the title of this post is meant to be read to the Eric Clapton song, “I Shot The Sheriff.”  Yes, I am a little bit corny, and a little bit rock and roll…)

Taking stock and making deals at fifty (more or less)

Seven days into 2011, and I thought I would take stock of my intentions –

1. Working out (does kicking off my shoes count?):

2. Saving money (well, I did do that, but it looked like this):

3.  And instead of eating like a twelve-year old at a slumber party, I’m now eating like a twelve-year old who’s been caught by her mom (more guilt, less food) :

Seriously, I was able to squeeze in two workouts this week so far, and I’m shooting for four – if you’re keeping score, that’s two and a half good habits worked on out of three; not bad.


Turning 50 this month; it is weird to say it, but it’s almost here.  If I made wishes, what would I wish for? Time. There’s never enough time, to do what I want to do, to spend time with people, to do nothing (a very important thing to do).  There’s a Twilight Zone episode where a man makes a deal with the Devil to live forever, and winds up serving a life sentence in prison.  A very smart friend said to me once, “What if we had the chance to make different choices than the one we made, and those turn out to be worse?”  I think that works forward as well.  If given the chance to live forever, would you take it?  Tempting, I know; I think I would rather have the ability to travel through time – I would love to be able to witness great moments in history, or meet some of the people who made history.  I’m not interested in making any changes, just being an observer in the world.  There’s my birthday wish –  a time machine, and a gift card for Sephora, and I’ll be set…

I haven’t done a poll for a while, so here’s one to start off the new year –

Also, here’s a cool (I think) Twilight Zone website, with graphics that take you back to the original show, an episode finder, a store, and other TZ miscellanea; I’m guessing Rod Serling would be pleased.

Ringing in the New Year with the Marx Brothers

So I’m awake at 5 am on New Year’s Day, only because I nodded out at about 9:30 last night, after a glass of champagne and a little bit of the Marx Brothers movie “Horse Feathers.” TCM was having a Marx Brothers marathon last night; I was hoping to make it through two movies , but sleep fought for priority, and won. I discovered the Marx Brothers on television one afternoon when I was about 14; “Monkey Business”  had just started, and it was the scene where the four of them first appear onscreen, having stowed away in barrels aboard a cruise ship. I loved them instantly – bought the book “Why A Duck?”, read both Groucho‘s and Harpo‘s biographies, and hung their poster on my wall.  Watching them on New Year’s is becoming a tradition for me — even if I’m out, I can always catch one of their movies when I come home, since they’re on all night.


Since I mentioned the idea of not making resolutions for the new year, but rather, forming intentions, I’ll start with this one (and yes, I do dress like this when I go to the gym – what?):

Here’s another one:

And, along with the exercise, since I’ve been eating like a twelve-year old at a slumber party, this follows:

These are all pretty standard, and I think that by intending to do all of them this year, I won’t be as disappointed in myself if I don’t follow through all of the time.  I’m not the most disciplined person when it comes to certain things, so maybe my intention should be to be more disciplined, and just let it go.  Actually, just letting it go is a pretty good intention on its own, isn’t it?

The phrase “tabula rasa” came to me this morning – a new year is like a blank slate (or a blank iPad, if John Locke had been born a little later); what will we write this year?

I’m going to let Groucho have the last word (since if he were here, he would probably take it anyway) –

“I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.”

You bet your life, Groucho –