Before this phenomenal August summer day gets away – some old and new business (and some cross-talk between my left and right brain; it’s OK, just go with it, I do):

The transformation of Club Petaluma has begun:

Vinyl siding – next comes paint and posts and shutters, oh my! And landscaping, fencing…it’s a huge undertaking, but I’m so glad to get it started.  It’s gratifying to see the idea that I’ve had in my mind (albeit an ever-changing idea) finally begin to be realized.

One of my favorite episodes of “Sex and the City” is on right now; it’s the one where they go to the Hamptons for a wedding, and the phrase “za za zew” is introduced (if you haven’t seen the episode, “za za zew” is, as I perceive it, the undeniable chemistry that two people have.  I think I like this one because it combines two things that I enjoy when watching TV, or movies: characters going on the road, and weddings.  And this great bit of dialogue: Samantha: “What do you call za za zew gone bad?” Miranda: “Za za ew.”

This summer started slowly, but has definitely picked up steam – I have such a large number of projects right now, between the house (inside and out), knitting, books (I’m in the middle of four, I’m embarrassed to say), and writing, not to mention working out, cooking, making sure my husband and my crazy dog remember who I am, maybe sleeping once in a while, and taking in the summer before it’s gone.

I’m off; here’s a little za za zew for you!


Punching out

I wanted to write about something deep and meaningful that would take your breath away, and make you think of me as a great undiscovered writer whose time has come, but…I’m extremely sleep deprived, and some black and white cat just jumped into the backyard, causing Paco to chase him right up the far wall and out, and that was too entertaining – which illustrates how full-blown my ADD is right now.  So, some quick and meaningless hits, for a week that hit back:

One of my all-time favorite B movies was on TV last night, “NIght of the Comet”.  Two Valley Girls are the two last people left on Earth (or so they think) – funny ’80s movie with both zombies and shopping? It’s true!

Even though I’m about a year behind everyone else, I finally got a chance to watch “Glee” – love it to pieces; great singing, smart dialogue, and good story lines.  What a relief – the gods who rule my TV still hold out hope that there are viewers who want something else besides “reality” shows (I may have to throw something in about this unfortunate phenomenon, but later. Let me just say that I watch some “reality” television, and leave it as a post for another time).

I brought home the latest issue of Esquire – Tom Cruise is on the cover.  I had a conversation today about whether or not an artist (or actor or musician) and his personal life can be separated from his work.  When it comes to Tom Cruise, I have mixed feelings.  I don’t agree with his beliefs, but I think that his work stands, and I will still go to see his movies, if they interest me.  This was the role that brought me back into Tom Cruise’s corner as a fan of his acting:

Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder – I thought he was fearless for doing this role.  I would never be able to hang out with him (and I know he’s real upset about that right about now), because I wouldn’t be able to talk to him, but to be able to do a role like this one, including the dancing (if you haven’t seen the movie, you need to see it just for Tom Cruise –  trust me, you won’t be able to look away, it is an exquisite moment in movie history) made me realize that even if he is out there where I don’t wanna go, he can steal a movie right out from under everyone else, and with stars like Robert Downey, Jr., Ben Stiller, and Jack Black, that is no small thing.  I just read today that Les Grossman is going to make an appearance on the MTV awards; rock on, Tom – just don’t try to sell me anything except the character you’re playing.

I have one wish for anyone who goes to see “Sex and the City 2,” and that is that I hope that you like it.  I’m being sincere about this; I disliked the movie so much that it was one of three movies in my life that I walked out of in the middle. Dying to know the other two, are you? “Wild Orchid” with Mickey Rourke, and “Eyes Wide Shut” with Tom Cruise (OMG! I believe this just became an all-Tom Cruise, all the time Friday).  I can usually give a movie that I dislike another shot, but I’m not going to with SATC 2. It disappointed me from the very beginning, and trying to sit through it again would only identify me , in the words of Carrie in SATC (the first movie) as “an emotional cutter.”  Like a lot of women, I watched the series, first by myself, then with groups of friends.  I went to the first movie with thirteen other women, and we all loved it.  I went to the second one alone, and was glad that I did, only because that made it easier to escape.  Sorry, ladies – not enough martinis in the world will fix this one for me.

(O.K. I’m going to go again – this time with friends; but you knew that , didn’t you?  I will report back with an update.)

I have to thank my wonderful friend Lori for posting this clip of Keith Richards on Jimmy Fallon, talking about pollinating lemons.  Fallon looks like a 12-year old boy who’s just met Superman; since Keith walked on as a surprise, it’s a wonder he was able to get out any words at all, much less hold an interview.  Keith looks serene, happy, and younger than he did seven years ago, when the Stones played at the Staples Center; I’ve watched the clip twice and can’t get over it – his biological clock must run backwards.

The weekend is here; Friday night is always so sweet and rich with possibility.  I’m trying something new this weekend that I don’t want to talk about until after I do it, but I will definitely share the experience.  Otherwise, there is much summer relaxation to be had – take a break, already!