Hot enough for ya? Knit something!

We are experiencing a heat wave in southern California, and I sort of think that a lot of us can’t handle it; actually, we tend to go right off the rails when it comes to any type of weather that is outside of the range of 68-74 degrees.  I include myself in this focus group – I was born and grew up in California, and if the weather goes above 80 degrees, I whine; same if the weather goes below 60, although I prefer warmer weather to cold.

It’s not just the crabbiness, though; Californians have never been patient drivers, and when the heat gets to us, we get even worse.  I watched cars speed around other cars in the parking structure at Bella Terra this afternoon (the temperature was 91 at around 3:30) to rush to get a place to park.  We do the same thing when it’s raining – we behave with entitled arrogance here, as if no one else exists, much less matters.  Even though the sheen is officially off the Golden State, we still behave as if we live in the land of eternal sunshine and riches, in which we are all the stars of our own reality shows, rather than in a broke and broken state in which manners and courtesy don’t seem to be evident, having been replaced by the celebration of street level stupidity.

Maybe the heat is getting to me, too.


I had a nice afternoon, in spite of the wicked weather. I went to Happy Nails at Bella Terra for a lovely pedicure done by Kayla, and my toes are remarkably cheered up, and so pretty! I also started working on a hat for Knots of Love, a charity that creates and donates knitted and crocheted hats to chemotherapy patients.  I’m grateful to do something with my knitting for a good cause, and also remember my father and sister-in-law, both of whom were lost to cancer. If you are interested in finding out more about Knots of Love, visit for information.

Crazy from the heat

What a week – blazing hot in the beginning, then stormy at the end, raining and sunshine all at once this afternoon.  Whew!  Last weekend I was driving through a parking lot in Cerritos, and saw a chopper parked in the middle of one of the lanes, with no one near it.  The owner of the chopper, one huge guy with a shaved head was standing off to the side, yelling at a man and a woman, who were standing there yelling back.  As near as I could make out, the biker was mad because someone was trying to hit him (could have been the couple; why else would he be yelling at them?), and the couple were arguing that that wasn’t the case. It was probably close to 100 degrees that day, and I wouldn’t have been surprised to see one of these three take a swing at one of the other two. These people were fed up, and weren’t afraid to let everyone know it.  Heat is great when you are lying by the pool in Palm Springs with a book and hours to kill, not so much when there are things to do, and you have to deal with lots of other hot, busy people.

I have heard that there are more crimes after a heat wave breaks, rather than during a heat wave. I don’t know if it’s true, but if it is, it could have something to do with the stress that heat puts on people, and that crimes and violence are a release after the weather cools off.  I do know after waiting for the satellite dish guy for three and a half hours yesterday, and then getting a 50-foot stare in a 20-foot space from him when I explained what I needed, I wanted to throw him out of my house, but restrained myself, and rather admirably, I thought.  He probably had been having as rotten a week as everyone else, so I gave him a break, because I am the sunny-side up girl, remember?

Random acts of kindness go a long way during a scorching week like this one; here’s another one, my cynical readers (I’m counting letting the satellite guy live as one) – I walked into Pavilions yesterday, just in time to hear a mother yelling at her son because he had let go of his balloon and it was bobbing up against the ceiling.  She went over to the Starbucks area in the corner of the market, grabbed a chair and slid it underneath the balloon.  She was too short to grab it, so I said: “I’m taller than you; want me to give it a try?”  Turns out, I was too short also, but the very nice people at Pavilions offered to blow up another balloon for him, free of charge (one of many reasons why I shop at Pavilions – good customer service, clean, attractive store with everything I need, and they always take the extra step for customers.  I will save my Pavilions polenta story for another day; just know that I needed polenta, and they went through three employees to find it for me. Well, guess I just told the polenta story, didn’t I?)


Saturday morning, and it’s cool.  Time to begin the weekend…be good to each other.